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I want to trigger a button's enabled state, according to the type of the current selection.

E.g. I have a treeview that displayes parents and their children. If the selection is on a 'parent' item, the button 'btnShowParentData' is enabled. I've done this via ValueConvertion:

<Button name="btnShowParentData" IsEnabled="{Binding ElementName=tree, Path=SelectedValue, Converter={StaticResource ParentSelectedConv}}" />

I look for a more elegant way. I don't want to create a ConverterClass for each selection type.

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I don't want to create a ConverterClass for each selection type.

You can have properties on the converter to parameterize it.

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With your appraoch: Of what type would be the parameter? A simple string that is compared against typeof(ParentClass).Name? –  mamuesstack May 8 '12 at 11:15
Make it a Type and compare it directly, in XAML you can easily get typeof(Class) using {x:Type ns:Class}. (If the property is of type Type you don't even need x:Type, it gets converted automatically from the string) –  H.B. May 8 '12 at 11:53

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