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I have a requirement for obtaining the hardware related information on an Android device that runs my application. I need information of the following sort.

  • CPU Manufacturer, model and serial number
  • SD Card Manufacturer and serial number
  • Camera Manufacturer and other related specs
  • Bluetooth related hardware information
  • WiFi related hardware information
  • RAM Vendor / model
  • Display vendor and model

Any help on this topic would be highly appreciated.

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Try getResources().getConfiguration(); – Lucifer May 8 '12 at 10:37
@heshan Perera- did you find these hardware informations, if so please update your answer so that others like me can get help from this. Thanks., – Khanna Jul 6 at 7:10
@Khanna No, I did not manage to find this information. – Heshan Perera Jul 6 at 8:10

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Log.i("ManuFacturer :", Build.MANUFACTURER);
Log.i("Board : ", Build.BOARD);
Log.i("Display : ", Build.DISPLAY);

More info can be found at from

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Yes I saw this, but it does not meet my requirement. It does not provide me with any information such as the CPU vendor, clock speed etc. Is there a way to access that info through this class ? – Heshan Perera May 8 '12 at 10:38
I would also like to know the device camera specs – Lou Morda Jun 3 at 3:24

The "Build" class in android.os looks like it will contain some of the information you require

use it as

string build = Build.VERSION.DEVICE;

android Hardware Info

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you cannot assign Build.VERSION to a String. It gives compilation error. Instead you can have Build.VERSION._SOMETHING_ (As example RELEASE ) and assign it to String. Else you can assign Build._SOMETHING_ (As example DISPLAY ) to a String variable. Android Build and Android Build.VERSIONIsn't it? – AnujAroshA Jun 11 '12 at 11:44

You can also get real-time hardware info. Build.* parameters are set during compilation of Android before even deploying it on hardware itself.

You can access Linux real-time hardware info by reading /proc/* "files".

You can do that with

Simply as command put cat /proc/cpuinfo.

You can test this with adb shell, and you don't need root permissions.

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