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I need to reset the search string after a search is performed.

I tried changing the search column but the search string is not resetting.

How can I reset the search string from search popup?

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I am mot sure that I understand correctly what you want. Probably you problem will be solved by the usage of recreateFilter: true searching option. Probably you need clear filters (in case of usage of multipleSearch: true) or searchString property (in case of usage single field searching) of postData in the onClose:

$.extend($.jgrid.search, {
    multipleSearch: true,
    recreateFilter: true,
    onClose: function () {
        delete $grid.jqGrid('getGridParam', 'postData').filters;

It can be that you need don't load any default filter at all in the searching dialog:

$.extend($.jgrid.search, {
    multipleSearch: true,
    recreateFilter: true,
    loadDefaults: false

All depends from your requirements. You should try different options which I described above and if the Searching Dialog do not what you need you should describe your requirements more clear.

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For reset all filters in searchpopup in jqgrid use recreateFilter: true.

For closing searchpopup in jqgrid after search completion use closeAfterSearch:true.


{closeAfterSearch:true, recreateFilter: true});


<div style="padding:10px;">
    <div id="gridContainer">
        <table id="loggerList"></table>
        <div id="pagerDiv"></div>
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