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i am making restful webservices using apache cxf and camel. my configuration is something like this :

<camelcxf:rsServer id="applicationserver" address="/" staticSubresourceResolution="true">
<ref bean="Demo" />
<ref bean="Foo" />
<ref bean="Bar" />

I have three service beans exposed as services and are mapped to different urls and the route is something like this :

<camel:route id="ServerRoute">
<camel:from uri="cxfrs://bean://applicationserver" />           
<camel:process ref="camelCxfInProcessor" />
<camel:to uri="http://google" />
<camel:to uri="bean:googlereqreshandler" />

Now for each service bean i want to have different route as all three have different functionality, but i am unable to determine what should i write in my

<from: uri="cxfrs://bean://aplicationserver..."/> 

tag to distinguish routes according to service beans. Or is there any other way of doing this? please suggest something.

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Have you looked at the Camel CXFRS documentation? The approach they're taking in the example is to have one route that acts as a "catch all" and then takes different actions based on the value of:

String operationName = exchange.getIn()
                       .getHeader(CxfConstants.OPERATION_NAME, String.class);
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