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I wanna create a web form based on an XSD and view/save/load the user inputs in XML format (something like an xml editor). Is there any fast way to do this?

my XSD might contains some problems and is very huge. I don't care if the form will become huge as well!

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This is one thread on SO that is the same as your question; since then, someone added an answer about a new product I have not explored...

Another thread on Microsoft forums deals with the same; the alternate approach there was to map content through a database, since software that deals with web forms and databases seems to be more easily available.

If I would have to sum it up, the short answer is "not really" or "not straight forward, for sure". It would also help to understand what technology you intend to use: PHP, .NET, Java-based?

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tnx. the technology is not really important for me. I just need it to be quick and easy is a plus for sure. – MBZ May 12 '12 at 7:35

I am working on my own project called XsdFormEditor. Application will be able to show any XSD as a form in WinForms (95% done), Web (using Asp.Net MVC, 0% done), WPF (0% done). Idea is to load any XSD file, show it to user as a form, let user input some data and save data as XML. User will be also able to load default values to form from XML file. You can find it here:

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Unfortunately XsdFormEditor depends on Microsoft technologies and is not cross-platform. I appreciate the effort that you are making but wouldn't it be better to use a cross-platform technology so as not to limit who can use your work? – Jonathan Ben-Avraham Sep 12 '14 at 14:36

XSDForm can solve your problem. It can convert your XML Schema to a web form on your website (XSD to Web Form).

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Self plug: xsd-forms is released and works well for a limited subset of xsd types with no server side couplings.

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See also – Jonathan Ben-Avraham Sep 12 '14 at 14:30

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