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In Xcode while releasing the object in dealloc method by like [self.object release] this line is shown as memory leak using static code analyzer but it not showing as leak while running instruments.

Here my question is what is the different BWN [self.object release] and just [object release]

Please clarify this,

Thanks in advance.

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self.object actually calls the getter method ([self object]), which returns the instance variable object (or depending how is synthesized), but the instance variable actually holds the retained object, so you must do [object release]. It's good practice to synthesize your properties with: @synthesize object = _object so you don't get confused of the property and the instance variable - your property will be self.object, but the instance variable will be _object and you will call [_object release];

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thanks bro very helpful. –  nik May 8 '12 at 12:09

instead of doing -

[self.object release]

you need to do -

self.object = nil; or [object release];

[self.object release] will send the release call to the object returned by getter of property. And result will depend whether the property is defined as assign / copy / retain.

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