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I've built up a Webservice in Java using Jersey. The Webservice consumes XML and takes a POJO (CoResponse) as MethodParameters.


    public CoResponse test(CoResponse obj){
        // something....
        return obj;

On Client side I would do a Put Request like this...

CoResponse rO = service.path("path")
                .put(CoResponse.class, new CoResponse());

Actually everything is working fine in our environment. But now I would like to know what the xml-string sent to the Server looks like. The reason why is to use the webservice also in other environments by creating a custom Serializer / Deserializer (i.e. for windows mobile) that is compatible to our jersey webservice.

Is there a way of looking into the put method to see the final xmlstring? Or some other possibilities?

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Use a LoggingFilter. Just add it to your client:

client.add(new LoggingFilter(System.out));
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thank you very much !!! Problem solved. :) –  Chris May 8 '12 at 12:31

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