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i am wondering what i am missing in adding dynamic properties to a java class and trying to render that class using the JSON converter. I have a pure java pojo and i am adding a dynamic property to it using:

// adding property
ResetRequest.metaClass.targetIp = ""
// creating object
ResetRequest obj = new ResetRequest()
// printing the properties
println obj.properties

When printing the properties the object has a additional property called 'targetIp' so all seems ok, but when i try to render the object as JSON the added property is not in the JSON string.

Any suggestion what i am missing.

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Hey Marco, have you tried my answer? Doesn't it work? –  loteq May 10 '12 at 8:21

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I think the JSON conversion in grails does not pick up dynamically added properties.

Maybe you should register your own object marshaller for the class in question?

In Bootstrap:

    def init = {servletContext ->
        JSON.registerObjectMarshaller(ResetRequest) {req->

UPDATE This link shows how you can inherit from the default Marshaller and add your own logic to marshall specific fields:


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You should register custom property in Bootstrap like

def init = { servletContext ->
  ResetRequest.metaClass.targetIp = {req ->
    return "";   
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