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I am stuck on 'arc land' command which is a part of arcanist tool that comes with Phabricator code review tool by Facebook. The description of 'arc land' on the arcanist page HERE says : push Git changes with arc land.

But when I try to do the same by punching in following command :

arc land branchname --onto branchname

i get the following error everytime

Switched to branch branchname. Updating branch...
Usage Exception: Local branch 'branchname' is ahead of 'origin/branchname', so landing a feature branch would push additional changes. Push or reset the changes in 'branchname' before running 'arc land'.

Before this, i have followed all the usual steps correctly. ie. 1. create a local commit 2. use arc diff to send that commit for review 3. got that commit accepted by some reviewer 4. finally Phabricator says on top of the Differential screen :

Revision Status:    Accepted · Next step: arc land

and that's where I am stuck right now. doing only arc land automatically tries to push the changes to 'master' branch which I don't want.

Pl. help.

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I think we sorted this out in IRC.

The underlying issue was that "arc land" can not be used to land a branch onto itself.

"arc land" now gives you a more useful error when you try to land a branch onto itself, and the documentation is more clear about the end-of-life options for reviews, so this should no longer be a problem.

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