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I want to fill in recipient and sender fields on this website using bookmarked java script. I have done some googling, and that's what I came up with:




Unfortunately both won't work. What's wrong? I'm using Chrome.

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I think that dollar sign at the beginning there is unnecessary. Try this instead:

javascript:document.getElementByName("RECIPIENT").value='TEST';document.getElementByName("SENDER").value='TEST';return null;

javascript:document.getElementsByTagName('input')[2].value='TEST';document.getElementsByTagName('input')[5].value='TEST';return null;

Notice also that I added return null; at the end. This is to stop the page from disappearing and just presenting you with the return value of the last statement, in this case, TEST.

Also, if you're looking for a more complete automated testing environment, have a Google for Selenium. It's absolutely brilliant, and will be roughly a million times easier than making these javascript things.

Hope that helps.

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It does! thank you! – user1381985 May 8 '12 at 12:29

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