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I have a library that contains a subclass of the Android Application class. The sub-class contains a method that launches a service (also contained in the library project).

When I include the library in my host application, the activity manager complains that it is unable to start the service intent (not found).

The code structure is:

Libraries manifest:

<service name="" />

Application subclass within library:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, MyService.class);

I can resolve the issue by defining the service again in the host applications manifest; However, I would prefer not to impose this requirement on developers using the library.

My question is, can I avoid the requirement for referencing the libraries service in the hosts manifest?

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Nope you cannot. Check out Declaring library components in the the manifest file – Jens May 8 '12 at 12:26

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At least As Far as I Know. You need to declare it in the manifest for it to be active.

You can register receivers programatically . That you can google out.

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Worth mentioning, though it won't affect you as of your current implementation (if I read it correctly), is that one should pay attention to which Context one passes on to the Intent constructor.

If you for example decide to move your Service to a separate APK, that service won't be found in the client applications Context.

You could then instead use an alternative Intent constructor:

Intent intent = new Intent("", "");

Or add a BroadcastReceiver to the project which then is triggered from the client application by a sendBroadcast instead of startService.

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