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This is a very interesting topic, please read on:

Imagine you use a plugin and want to change settings on-the-fly, there are 2 options to achieve this if the plugin has not built-in options request:

  1. You modify the plugin to handle options in a request

  2. You try to modify the javascript onrequest.

Its a general subject but lets take this simple image cropping plugin as example:

If i want to change the aspect ratio onclick on a link.

Onpage-load settings:

        onChange: updatePreview,
        onSelect: updatePreview,
        aspectRatio: 2/3

Change settings onclick to

        onChange: updatePreview,
        onSelect: updatePreview,
        aspectRatio: 1/2

i now wonder if jquery or javascript would be able, following the 2. approach, to kill the first javascript (like it could be easily done with a div) and replace it by the second javascript. I already tried by providing a script name-tag to identify but without success. wrapping javascript in a div seems not to be w3-compliant. Anyone got an idea how to achieve this?

Maybe someone would share also a step-by-step tut to easily modify a plugin to take additonal options in a request similar like so:

<div class="target {aspectRatio:1/2}

Thanks for your ideas

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For Jcrop:

    onChange: updatePreview,
    onSelect: updatePreview,
    aspectRatio: old_aspectRatio

I changed the aspectRatio of such way

$('#my_jcrop').Jcrop({aspectRatio: new_aspectRatio['x']/new_aspectRatio['y']});

and for function updatePreview

function updatePreview(c)
 if (c.w!=0 && c.h!=0){ 
    coord = c;
    if (parseInt(c.w) > 0)
      var rx = preview_size['x']/c.w;
      var ry = preview_size['y']/c.h;

   preview.width = Math.round(rx * boundx) + 'px';
      preview.height = Math.round(ry * boundy) + 'px';
      preview.marginLeft = '-' + Math.round(rx * c.x) + 'px';
      preview.marginTop = '-' + Math.round(ry * c.y) + 'px';

        width: preview.width,
        height: preview.height,
        marginLeft: preview.marginLeft,
        marginTop: preview.marginTop

I changed the value of preview_size['x'] and preview_size['y']:

preview_size['x'] = new_aspectRatio['x'];
preview_size['y'] = new_aspectRatio['y'];

So if the new picture size 200x400px, then aspectRatio will be 200/400 = 1/2

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try using data attributes - <div class="target" data-aspect-ratio="1/2">

    onChange: updatePreview,
    onSelect: updatePreview,
    aspectRatio: $(this).attr('data-aspect-ratio')
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hi. wow, i will try your clever approach. thx. if that works it means we can change simple the attributes with jquery to get new options on any plugin. :) – Email May 8 '12 at 12:33
it doesn't work. don't know about the internal processing so am clueless why not. to avoid errors i set the attr to an external div. but it doesn't even take the option onpageload. – Email May 8 '12 at 13:37

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