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It is possible to create a landing page in Liferay? If so, in which version? And how?

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This can be achieve this the following way :

  1. Make a page (just a normal liferay page) and remember the friendly url.
  2. Set the appropiate permissions depending on your senario
  3. Go to the control panel
  4. In the portal section - click portal settings
  5. You can set the Friendly url under the navigation part (located in center of screen)

enter image description here

These steps are for Liferay 6.1.0 CE.

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Modifying liferay to use a landing page was there from version 5. You can also set this using properties file. Create (if you have not done before) a portal-ext.properties file in webapp/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes folder with these lines modified according to you.

## Default Landing Page

# Set the default landing page path for logged in users relative to the
# server path. This is the page users are automatically redirected to after
# logging in. For example, if you want the default landing page to be
# http://localhost:8080/web/guest/login, set this to /web/guest/login. To
# activate this feature, set auth.forward.by.last.path to true. To customize
# the behavior, see com.liferay.portal.events.DefaultLandingPageAction in
# the "login.events.post" property above.
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