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I am trying to set up CruiseControl.NET (1.6.7981.1) so that each developer can choose which source-control branch to build from. I have encountered the following problems.

  1. I have not found a way to set <artifactDirectory> and <workingDirectory> project parameters through dynamic parameters.

  2. CruiseControl.NET is not replacing the dynamic parameter tokens, e.g. $[branchName] is not replaced in <artifactDirectory>C:/ci/$[branchName]<artifactDirectory>.

Is there a way to have a single project with multiple artifact and working directories chosen by end users?

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No, you can not use dynamic parameters in <artifactDirectory> and <workingDirectory>. The documentation states:

Parameters can be used for tasks/publishers, source control blocks and labellers. [...] Not all items allow the use of dynamic parameters.

If you are willing to relax on the single-project constraint, you could use the Configuration Preprocessor to define and apply a parameterized project template.

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