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Is is possible to install more than one gem at the same time with only one command?

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The gem install command accepts many parameters, so you can gem install nokogiri bundler in one shot, for instance.

As others said, Bundler and RVM makes everything connected to managing gems, versions and dependencies a real pleasure.

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Hey i-blis I need to install all gems in a directory (along with dependency gems, and yes I have all dependence gems inside one directory) without using RVM or any other gem. How to do this? –  learner Feb 25 at 5:15
bundler is installed by default... –  learner Feb 25 at 5:28
Interestingly, gem install makes separate requests for each gem. Bundler’s bundle install makes a single request. Bundler is more performant because of this. –  Nate Bird Jul 9 at 19:54

You can put them in a Gemfile and use bundler (bundle install).

Alternatively, you could list the commands in a file:

gem install pg
gem install sqlite3

and use something like cat <filename> | xargs sudo to execute them.

**Consider using RVM to manage your gems into gemsets rather than installing them globally with sudo.

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You can using bundler: http://gembundler.com/

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