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I got an class that extends Mailer and would like to have automatic tests for that.

With mock mailer I can get the mail to console but how to test mail logic from the automated test?

(Is there something like Mailer testing with Rails?)

br, Touko

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While writing this question, I found this link : Testing mail sending by using Mock Mailer.

So, one can access mails mailed with Mock mailer with play.libs.Mail.Mock as follows:

String email = Mail.Mock.getLastMessageReceivedBy("joe@example.com");

The mail is returned as one string but that's better than nothing.

Though to share this since it took me a while to find this.

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Note that from Play Framework >= 1.3.0, you can use Mail.useMailSystem, more details e.g. github.com/playframework/play1/blob/… –  Touko May 18 at 11:30

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