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This is my first question here!

I am trying to pass a Map as parameter from a struts action to a report. I have inserted the map in the reportParameters map that are being passed to the jrxml file.

My question is whether this Map can be retrieved inside the jrxml file.

To be More precise, I declare it like this:

<parameter name="reportParams.testMap" class="java.util.Map"/>

and I want to use it like this:

    <reportElement style="StyleData" x="240" y="0" width="100" height="23"/>
    <textElement textAlignment="Left" verticalAlignment="Top"/>

Is it possible? Because I keep getting this error in my application server logs:

No such property: testMap for class: Blank32A4_1336385977531_38171
Error evaluating expression : Source text : testMap.get("AR")
Error evaluating expression : Source text : testMap.get("AR")

My action class looks like this:

@Result(name = "success", type = "jasper", params={"location",
    "connection", "statsConnection",
    "dataSource", "translations",
public class LocalMapStatisticNewAction extends ActionSupport{


    public String execute() {
            reportParams = new Hashtable<String, Object>();
            testMap = new Hashtable<String, String>();
            testMap.put("AR", "Argentina");
            testMap.put("ES", "Spain");
            reportParams.put("testMap", testMap);

            //Jasper code here


    public Map<String, Object> getReportParams() {
        return reportParams;

Any hint would be helpful!

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It looks like it could be as simple as you referencing a parameter by the wrong name.


You don't have a parameter called testMap. You have a parameter called reportParams.testMap. Also, you need to refer to parameters like this:


Rename the parameter or rename the reference to the parameter, and you should be OK.

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