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What I want to do is put various <sql>...</sql> blocks in a Shared.xml file and then have more specific files include them.

Something like this:


        <mapper resource="Shared.xml"/>
        <mapper resource="Custom1.xml"/>
        <mapper resource="Custom2.xml"/>
        <mapper resource="Custom3.xml"/>


<mapper namespace="com.company.SharedMapper">       
    <sql id="someSQL">
        SELECT 1;


<mapper namespace="com.company.CustomMapper1">      
    <select id="getSomeData" resultMap="CustomResultMap">
        <include refid="someSQL"/>

Obviously this is a very simplified version of what I want but hopefully it's enough to describe what I am going for.


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Yes, you can, that is supported. In case the dependant xml is read first MyBatis will retry again when the rest of xml pieces are loaded.

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