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I created custom field "rec_name" id table "cdr", database "asteriskcdrdb". In this field I want to store recording name. I know I should do it by adding this line in one of .conf files, but where?

exten => s,1,set(CDR(rec_name)=${CALLFILENAME})

I can do it by sql statement, too, but I don't know where is the file that saves details of call into database.

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For mysql you need add into /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf


If you HAVE aliases section, just add to it

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Similar for postgres, thanks. –  Jack Douglas Jun 16 at 6:57
In current versions (1.8+) there are no need do such aliases. Just need add field to DB table and restart asterisk or do cdr_mysql.so unload/load. –  arheops Jun 16 at 8:34
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