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I need to implement the facebook connent on UIWebview using HTML5/ Javascript. Presently what I implemented is working fine on iphone safari but not in native application. Please Suggest. Thanks

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Post your code, without it we can help you. –  rckoenes May 8 '12 at 13:28

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when the app loads up have it open a web view that point to a website that does what you want it to. see facebooks graph api documentation for web apps/websites

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I need Facebook API to be work on my native application's webview. As I am using UIwebview than I am unable to implement iphone Graph API and I am working on native application, the website facebook connect not fuctioning. –  Arvind May 9 '12 at 8:16

I'm working on this kind of app also. I haven't finished it yet but after googling I found just this link that seems to work with UIWebView


I've tried the HTML5 code on the comment plugin page but it doesn't work. The UIWebView just shows nothing. I'm still looking for the best solution.


Ok now I got my app working. What I did was creating a HTML file, containing the code from facebook comment plugin page, and put it in my project (I think this should work fine with file on server also). I use this

[UIWebView loadHTMLString:baseURL:]

since my HTML file is local.

This is the facebook comment plugin page


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