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has anybody done anything with scripts to parse an incoming e mail to a specific address, strip out the data and insert it into a SQL database?

The e mail would be coming in through exchange 2003 server and would be in a known fixed format, ie

Name: Firstname Surname ID Number: nnnnnnn etc. etc.

Ideally the solution would need to operate on the server and not a client. Any advice appreciated.

Originally posted on serverfault but cross posted here for the scripting angle.

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Yes I have. What are you trying to accomplish with this?

If you want to know how to parse it, the easiest way I have found so far is to build a simple scraper/pattern matcher for your fixed format that doesn't change.

I generally have iterated though each line of the email looking for a specific element/identifier, after which i read so many characters to a variable for the row to be committed to the database.


  1. Download all emails

    1. loop through each email
    2. loop through each line in each email
    3. find each element, one at a time, in incremental order
  2. Delete emails from server..

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