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I have a chess board created using OpenGL in VC++. I have downloaded the chess pieces from elsewhere which has models in 3ds. I am trying to place this 3ds models on the board. Help me place the object which can be translated on mouse interaction.

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OpenGL does not have much to do with this. You'll need to obtain or write a mesh loader which reads the mesh info into your own data-structures which you can subsequently render. If you write your own, an easier format like OBJ might be a better initial approach. As for placement on mouse interaction, that is a different question. –  Bart May 8 '12 at 14:03

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OpenGL is "merely" a drawing API (though a powerfull one).OpenGL doesn't load 3ds models but you can of course load 3ds files using a 3ds file loader/parser and feed the extracted data to OpenGL.

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