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I have the following property in my view model and the view is binding to this property.

All works fine except for a special case where the ActiveCategory (within the _catManager) can change from other events (outside of this view).

I don't want to expose the entire Category Manager in the view model so I'm only exposing what properties I need. What is the best way to do this so that the view gets notified of all changes, even those changes not triggered within this view model?

    public ICategory SelectedCategory
        return _catManager.ActiveCategory;
        _catManager.ActiveCategory = value;
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Have your viewmodel hook into the _catManager's INotifyPropertyChanged event and have it relay the property change events through the viewmodel. When you see "ActiveCategory" come through, that means you need to raise an INPC for "SelectedCategory".

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You need to delegate notification to whatever class _catManager is as well.

So a change to it's ActiveCategory property raises a notification.

One way would be to add a handler in the the class that has it as a property and then raise a notification that it's _catManager has changed somehow.

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