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I have a pretty basic PowerShell script that I need help with. This is my first time even attempting to script so bare with me. I work for a software development and they have asked me to write a script that they can package in with their build updates. Basically they will complete a build that get's dropped to a folder (say \server\build\release1.1.2). We need a script that takes all the files/folders from that folder and copies them to the appropriately named locations.

I need the script to also read the # of the current build from the folder title and create that same # build folder when it copies. Easy enough to that however I need the references to be all dynamic, so when that Release1.1.3 comes out wecan drop the same script into there and it will copy all the files to the appropriate directories (and create them if they don't exist).

I'm not sure I am being entirely clear. If I'm not please let me know and I'll answer the questions as best I can. Thank you!.

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Why wouldn't the Copy-Item cmdlet do exactly what you want? – zdan Jun 26 '09 at 18:25
Could you post what you already have? That makes it easier adapting it. From what you write it sounds very straightforward and I wonder how to get that wrong – Joey Jun 26 '09 at 18:31

This script should get you started. Run it to see an example of the values it produces.

# variable name chosen based on the automatic variable available to PowerShell Modules
$PSScriptRoot = ($MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path | Split-Path | Resolve-Path).ProviderPath

$BuildName = $PSScriptRoot | Split-Path -Leaf

This script file is located at:

The folder this script file is in is:

The name of the folder this script file is in is:

To copy files you might do this:
Copy-Item -Path `$PSScriptRoot\* -Destination C:\Install\`$BuildName -Recurse
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