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I would like to encode data into a binary format in a buffer which I will later either write to a file or transfer over a socket. What C# class or classes would be best to use to create a List<byte> containing the binary data.

I will be storing integers, single byte character strings (i.e., ASCII), floating point numbers and other data in this buffer in a custom encoded format (for the strings) and regular binary numeric layout for the ints and floating point types.

BinaryWriter looks like it has the methods I need, but it has to manage a growing buffer for me that I want to produce a List<byte> result from when I am done encoding.


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BinaryWriter, writing to a MemoryStream. If you need more than the available memory, you can easily switch to a temporary file stream.

using (var myStream = new MemoryStream()) {
    using (var myWriter = new BinaryWriter(myStream)) {
        // write here
    using (var myReader = new BinaryReader(myStream)) {
        // read here

    // put the bytes into an array...
    var myBuffer = myStream.ToArray();

    // if you *really* want a List<Byte> (you probably don't- see my comment)
    var myBytesList = myStream.ToArray().ToList();
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You're missing the conversion to List<byte> which was the final result I asked for, but I gave you the checkmark nevertheless. – Michael Goldshteyn May 8 '12 at 14:52
That was intentional. You probably don't want a List<byte>, because that would imply that you are altering the buffer's contents. That is almost never done, and in fact all of the BCL APIs that take a buffer do so using a byte[], not a List<byte>. That said, I've edited the answer for completeness. – Chris Shain May 8 '12 at 15:04
Fair enough! I've given you a +1 on top of the accept for the explanation in the above comment. – Michael Goldshteyn May 8 '12 at 17:43

BinaryWriter writes to a stream. Give it a MemoryStream, and when you want your List<byte>, use new List<byte>(stream.GetBuffer()).

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+1 for showing the process all the way through to List<byte>... – Michael Goldshteyn May 8 '12 at 14:30

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