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I've been using the jchart2D class by Achim Westerman for some time now and just happened upon an instance where I'm trying to make 3 Y-axes on the right hand side of my graph.

The code for making the 3 axes is as follows

//Create Y Axis 1
AAxis<IAxisScalePolicy> yAxisShaftSpeed = 
                    new AxisLinear<IAxisScalePolicy>();
yAxisShaftSpeed.setAxisScalePolicy(new AxisScalePolicyManualTicks());
yAxisShaftSpeed.setAxisTitle(new IAxis.AxisTitle("Shaft Speed (RPM)"));
IRangePolicy rangePolicyYShaftSpeed = 
                    new RangePolicyFixedViewport(new Range(0,225));
//Create Y axis 2
AAxis<IAxisScalePolicy> yAxisWindSpeed = 
                    new AxisLinear<IAxisScalePolicy>();
yAxisWindSpeed.setAxisScalePolicy(new AxisScalePolicyManualTicks());
yAxisWindSpeed.setAxisTitle(new IAxis.AxisTitle("Wind Speed (m/s))"));
IRangePolicy rangePolicyYWindSpeed = 
                    new RangePolicyFixedViewport(new Range(0,25));
//Create Y axis 3
AAxis<IAxisScalePolicy> yAxisPressure = 
                    new AxisLinear<IAxisScalePolicy>();
yAxisPressure.setAxisScalePolicy(new AxisScalePolicyManualTicks());
yAxisPressure.setAxisTitle(new IAxis.AxisTitle("Pressure (hPa)"));
IRangePolicy rangePolicyYPressure = 
                    new RangePolicyFixedViewport(new Range(700,1100));

I then go on to add and set the right hand Y axes as follows


Unfortunately, when the graph comes up, the three Y axes are on the right as expected but all the titles are stacked up on each other under the first added right Y axis (yAxisShaftSpeed). Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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might be a bug (I never tested this). Feel free to post a bug report including the minimal runnable code, the version of jchart2d, the OS and java version at sourceforge. kind regards, Achim

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