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I was wondering the best implementation of a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) using Scala/Akka where each node can be potentially on different VMs, different computers. Think of each node as a Scala actor who would only act on its direct parents (in graph terms), how would you implement this at a high level? There are several concepts in Akka that could be applied: • Normal actors with discards if the sender is not a direct parent • Event Bus and Classifiers • … I am still struggling to choose a best approach, at least in theory, knowing that for a DAG, you need to be able to handle diamond scenarios (where a node depends on two or more nodes that in turn depend on one unique node). Any pointers to papers, articles, ideas would be welcomed. Regards

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This article describes one way of Distributed graph processing with Akka:

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Simply use Akka Remote with some DIYing

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