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When I run the zip task with rake –-trace, it shows the calls to default and zip_up_files, but it doesn't create the zip file. It doesn't give me an error message. What am I doing wrong?

require 'albacore'

task :default => :zip_up_files

zip :zip_up_files do |zip|
  zip.directories_to_zip 'C:\\Temp\\StuffToZip'
  zip.output_file = 'out.zip'
  zip.output_path = 'C:\\Temp'
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Hey, Paul, I got your answer right down there! Come on and vote/accept/comment! –  Anthony Mastrean Nov 29 '12 at 17:13

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I tried your rakefile on my machine and got no errors and no zip file! I looked into the Albacore zip task and it uses the Ruby ZipFile class. That seems to be a pure Ruby implementation of the zip archive. So, next thing I tried was fixing up the paths to use forward slashes. That worked!

zip :zip_up_files do |zip|
  zip.directories_to_zip 'C:/Temp/StuffToZip'
  zip.output_file = 'out.zip'
  zip.output_path = 'C:/Temp'

I had another thought, that maybe you didn't have permissions to write on the C drive. I wasn't able to reproduce that, but it's my recommendation to maybe be in a User controlled directory. Even if it's an automated build user. Just double check.

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