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I am trying to upgrade a SQL Server 2008 dbproj to a SQL Server 2012 sqlproj using SSDT. Everything seems to be going ok, accept for the CLR project that is in the solution. I have it referenced in my sqlproj, but when I try and build, all of the locations that it is used in the project (see example below) are throwing errors: "blah blah blah has an unresolved reference to assembly []". Is there a special way I need to be referencing the CLR project so that the files in the sqlproj can use it? The CLR project worked fine in the 2008 dbproj...

CREATE AGGREGATE [dbo].[ConcatenateAll]
(@value NVARCHAR(MAX))
EXTERNAL NAME [Rma.Pass.Database.SqlClrUtility].[Rma.Pass.Database.SqlClrUtility.Aggregates.ConcatenateAll]
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Turns out there was something wrong in the way that the reference was created in my .sqlproj file. I created a new project and copied the ProjectReference xml settings from there, and was able to successfully build my project.

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