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I have a javascript called fancy.js. I have a batch script that calls out to this fancy.js several times.

When i run this batch script on my computer, it runs fine.

When i run this batch script on a clean vm created for testing the script, it will prompt the user to open the file every time fancy.js is called. The dialog is similar to this: "do you want to open this file. File type: jscript script file, Publisher: unknown publisher".

How do i prevent it from prompting the user every time it attempts to run the fancy.js?

It was run inside an admin command prompt on a windows 7vm with a win7 host.

I have this cscript //h:cscript at the top of the batch file. This is to prevent some prompts from coming up in older versions of windows.

Thanks for the help!

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Added some more information regarding the output of the prompt. It is also claiming an unknown publisher. –  prolink007 May 8 '12 at 15:10

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Have you tried unblocking it? Windows flags stuff as not secure when coming from a different source.

Right click on the file and get its properties. Click Unblock.

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I was attempting to run the scripts from a network drive. Moving them to a local drive to the vm fixed the issue. Thanks for the assistance –  prolink007 May 8 '12 at 15:18
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I figured out the issue. I was attempting to run the batch script and the fancy.js from a network drive.

Once i moved it to a local drive to the VM it ran fine.

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