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I have 3 entities: person, with an ID, employee and applicant.

Entity person have vars employee and applicant, and OneToOne relationship.

Employee and Applicant have a person as an ID, with referencedColumnName="id", and a relationship OneToOne.

Fine, When I create a form with the entity person, to display a input select with all applicants, thanks to fuzzy-loading of Doctrine2 make queries to retrieve each person, each related candidate and related empleado, which means that a bd 2000 people are doing almost 6000 requests bd to display only the name.

If I don't print the form, no problem, but, if I put this in the view:

{{ form_rest(formularioEnlazarCandidato.person) }}

And Doctrine2 execute a lot of querys.

I'm not sure how to fix this, as to show an entity in the form will not let me do only select and

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I had similar problem and they helped me - look here Optimize DQL with double join. Basically you need fetch join in your repository - I did:

class ProfileRepository extends EntityRepository {

    public function findAll()
        $em = $this->getEntityManager();
        $qb = $em->createQueryBuilder()
                ->select("p, stu, sta, pdd, pdt, pdc")
                ->from('AldenBonBundle:Profile', 'p')
                ->leftJoin('p.studies', 'stu')
                ->leftJoin('stu.statute', 'sta')
                ->leftJoin('p.disabilityDegree', 'pdd')
                ->leftJoin('p.disabilityType', 'pdt')
                ->leftJoin('p.disabilityCode', 'pdc')
        $res = $qb->getQuery()->getResult();
        return $res;
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