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I am trying to run the following command with NSTask:

$sudo launchctl load /Users/admin/Library/LaunchAgents/com.devdaily.crontabtest.plist

Below is the code I use:

NSTask *server = [NSTask new];
[server setLaunchPath:@"/bin/launchctl"];
[server setArguments:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"load",@"com.devdaily.crontabtest.plist",nil]];
[server setCurrentDirectoryPath:@"/Users/admin/Library/LaunchAgents/"];

NSPipe *outputPipe = [NSPipe pipe];
[server setStandardInput:[NSPipe pipe]];
[server setStandardOutput:outputPipe];

[server launch];
[server waitUntilExit]; // Alternatively, make it asynchronous.
[server release];

However, it doesn't work because of the sudo command. How can I fix this?

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Using sudo in a non-console environment is not very useful because there's no easy way to enter a password (yes, you could use the standard input pipe, but it's much better to use OS X's builtin escalation utilities). Second, I'm guessing that sudo isn't being loaded by sh because it's not loading a path. –  RC Howe May 8 '12 at 15:17

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Unfortunately, you can't. Because there is no way to enter the password.

However, you can still run your bash command by using NSAppleScript instead of NSTask: Write an applescript like:

do shell script [your command] with administrator privileges

You will be asked for the admin password.


NSDictionary *error = [NSDictionary new]; 
NSString *script =  @"do shell script \"launchctl load /Users/admin/Library/LaunchAgents/com.devdaily.crontabtest.plist\" with administrator privileges";  
NSAppleScript *appleScript = [[NSAppleScript new] initWithSource:script]; 
if ([appleScript executeAndReturnError:&error]) {
} else {
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Read Apple's Secure Coding Guide and follow the recommendation for Elevating Privileges Safely.

In other words, don't use sudo or something like it. Use SMJobBless() to install and enable your launch agent. See also the SMJobBless sample project.

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