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Rails 3.0.7 on Mac OS X. Issue is occurring in the view, where

= form_for @bulk_order do |f|

is. I don't think the HAML is an issue but I am new to it. Did a scaffold of this in a new/test app. Everything looks good. Controller is straight forward. Thinking the issue has to be in the model. Thoughts?

Since this is a form for user submission, you can see in the gist I didn't include active record::base as I don't want this data saved to the database.

Any input is appreciated. The gist is of the bulk_order model.

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The error means that @bulk_order is nil. You have to set @bulk_order to an ActiveRecord object in your controller. Please show the corresponding controller code. – Mischa May 8 '12 at 15:03
Correct you are. In the initialize method in the model I TACKILY did amex="", billing_address="", etc etc. Very tacky, I know. Then I added include ActiveModel::Validations, include ActiveModel::Conversion, extend ActiveModel::Naming along with def persisted? set to false. And added resources for :bulk_orders in the routes. Good to go! – DnfD May 8 '12 at 16:10

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