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I'm looking for a high performance syntax highlighter.

I've tried Google prettify, rainbow.js and another one I can't remember. They all struggle with large blocks of HTML code. They eventually all highlight correctly but the browser freezes for a second or two. Or the text isn't highlighted and after a couple of seconds when the page has loaded, it appears all at once.

I had a look at how github uses syntax highlighter and I think he reason it works so well is because groups of text have a single span around it rather than each word, meaning better performance.

Anyone know of a JS syntax highlighters that supports HTML code and can render things really quickly?

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Would it be possible to do the highlighting on the server? Possibly cashing it so you don't have to de it every time. If you post your server-side stack info I can give you links to some libs.

If not can do the syntax highlighting in a worker thread if you want to avoid blocking the UI.

Also, here are a list of 9 other highlighters :

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Fantastic idea! Server side syntax highlighting! I use codeigniter and it has a library for that already! - You are a genius thank you for that thought! :) – Abs May 11 '12 at 13:53

You may be interested in using Gists. You can embed them anywhere and the syntax highlighting it uses is extremely speedy.

I'm not meaning to be self-promoting, but for an example of using Gists for Javascript syntax highlighting (I'll be using Gists for HTML as well when I need to), you can check out my Javascript blog. I don't remember the URLs of any other sites that do this but I have seen them before.

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I don't think Gists will work as I am not doing this manually, I need something automated. Gists won't allow me to print a string to pre or code block. – Abs May 8 '12 at 15:39
Unfortunately, that's true. Sorry this isn't a solution for you. – Elliot Bonneville May 8 '12 at 15:40

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