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I'm using this batch script to delete files

FORFILES /P "X:\test" /S /M *.bak /C "CMD /C DEL @path"

However, the X drive is a resource on an active/passive cluster. I have to run the batch file on both nodes. Two questions...

  1. Is this the best method?
  2. I want the batch to look for the X drive before deleting the files - do you know of a way? I don't want it to run on the passive cluster because the X drive won't be on it.
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It would be much faster to simply use DEL instead of FORFILES. You can test if the root path exists using IF EXIST.

if exist "x:\test\*.bak" del /q /s "x:\test\*.bak"
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@AnthonyMastrean -Thanks for fixing my sloppy EXIST vs EXISTS mistake :-) – dbenham Jun 17 '13 at 20:46

I just trying copying a file to the folder. Then check to see if the file exists afterward. If it does, I delete the file, and then I can proceed.

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