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i'm working on a jquery mobile web site. and am trying to use the mobiscroll plugin for the date picker.

I'm using jquery validate plugin for my validation. I've used this all over other projects with no problems at all.

The issue is, the mobiscroll modal popup comes up, and the set / cancel button works fine, but the scrolling and/or +/- buttons do not function.

firebug isn't showing any errors, and IE Developer tools script debugger doesn't either.

If i take the jquery Validate reference out, it works fine. removing the $('form').validate(); does NOT fix it.

for reference i'm using:

  • jquery 1.7.1
  • jquery mobile 1.1.0
  • jquery validate 1.6
  • mobiscroll 1.6 or 2rc2 (both have the issue)

How i have mobiscroll configured doesn't seem to matter, leaving all the options out, or setting some doesn't seem to make a difference.

Having other inputs with or without validation on them doesn't make a difference either.

Here is my setup code:

      preset: 'date',
      theme: 'default',
      display: 'modal',
      mode: 'scroller'

and the input:

I tried making a jsFiddle, but am having some issues with getting the various libraries referenced and all the css and whatnot. I will keep working on it and post a link when i get it up and running.

EDIT: I can't get a fiddle to work. BUT I have discovered that updating to 1.9 fixes it. very strange. but i'll take it

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updating to jquery validate 1.9 fixed it.

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