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Here is my grid which is in MyPartialView:

        .ToolBar(commands => commands.Insert().ButtonType(GridButtonType.BareImage))
            .DataKeys(keys => keys.Add(a => a.Id))
                    .ClientEvents(events => events.OnError("Grid_onError"))
        .Columns(columns =>
            columns.Bound(p => p.Name).Width(110);
            columns.Bound(p => p.Timestamp).Width(110).Format("{0:MM/dd/yyyy}");
            columns.Command(commands =>
        .DataBinding(dataBinding =>
            .Select("Ge", "MyClass")
            .Update("Edit", "MyClass")
            .Delete("Delete", "MyClass")
            .Insert("Insert", "MyClass");
    //.Editable(editing => editing.Mode(GridEditMode.InLine))


Here is one of the controller methods (the others are similar):

public ActionResult Delete()

        //get the model

        List<MyClassTemplate> ct = new List<MyClassTemplate>();
        //fill ct
        return PartialView("MyPartialView", new GridModel<MyClassTemplate> { Data = ct });

And another controller method:

public ActionResult MyPartialView()
        List<MyClassTemplate> ct = new List<MyClassTemplate>();
        //fill ct 
        return PartialView(ct);//new GridModel(ct)

When I edit a row in the grid and click on the image to save the edited row, I step with breakpoints throught the controller methods. Everything is fine. ct has ok value. However, I get alert "Error! The requested URL did not return Json.". Which url did not return json? How to resolve this?

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The error was pretty self-explanatory. Instead of a partial view, I should have returned json.

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