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I have a XML file:



using (var myStream = new IsolatedStorageFileStream("Settings.xml", FileMode.Open, myIsolatedStorage))
    xdoc = XDocument.Load(myStream);

var lv1s = from lv1 in xdoc.Elements("Root")
           select new
               Children = lv1.Descendants("Lv1")

foreach (var lv1 in lv1s)
    foreach (var lv2 in lv1.Children)

How can i get All Node lv1 of <1_Data_Lv2_1> == "A1" and write to another xml?

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Please include the code you have tried that is not working. Or are you asking if someone here will write the code for you? – Metro Smurf May 8 '12 at 16:14
sorry u forget it :) – user1259366 May 8 '12 at 23:14
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The posted XML is invalid as a node cannot start with a number, i.e., 1_Data_Lv2_1 should be One_Data_Lv2_1 and 2_Data_Lv2_1 should be Two_Data_Lv2_1

Once you make that change, you can find all the One_Data_Lv2_1 nodes with the value of A1:

var doc = XDocument.Load( myStream );
// find all descendant nodes with a value of A1
var a1s = doc.Root.Descendants( "One_Data_Lv2_1" )
                 .Where( x => x.Value == "A1" )

foreach( XElement e in a1s )
    Debug.WriteLine( e.Value );

To add the result of the query to a new XML document:

var doc2 = new XDocument();
var root = new XElement("Root");
var lvl = new XElement( "LvlNew" );
// adding the a1s collection to the lvl node
lvl.Add( a1s );
root.Add( lvl );
doc2.Add( root );

Which will look like:

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