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I am having big troubles get Multiselect to work with my Play 2.0 application.

I have tried different solutions that I found on google, but none works for 2.0.1.

Do you have any guides or tips for getting multi select to work ?

The html...

<select multiselect="multiselect" ... name="groupIds[]"> ... </select>

The Form

class UserAdminForm{

public Long[] groupIds;


and later in request handler...

Form<UserAdminForm> form = uform.bindFromRequest(); // Bam , [NumberFormatException: For input string: ""] 

Are there any good way of dealing with POST array ?

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what is "<select multiselect='multiselect'...>"?? Don't you mean "<select multiple...>"? – virtualeyes May 26 '12 at 8:29

I had the same problem, I thing multiselect form helper is a bug in Play 2. Any way, I'd fixed it by renaming the select as @name[]. So you create a template for ex. selectMultiple.scala.html containing this code:

@(field: play.api.data.Field, options: Seq[(String,String)], args: (Symbol,Any)*)(implicit handler: helper.FieldConstructor, lang: play.api.i18n.Lang)

@values = @{ field.indexes.map { v => field("[" + v + "]").value } }

@helper.input(field, args:_*) { (id, name, value, htmlArgs) =>
<select id="@id" name="@(name)[]" @toHtmlArgs(htmlArgs) multiple="multiple">

@args.toMap.get('_default).map { defaultValue =>
    <option class="blank" value="">@defaultValue</option>
@options.map { v =>
<option value="@v._1" @{if(values.contains(Some(v._1))) "selected" else ""} >@v._2</option>

Having in your model a list for mapping the component, you use this template in your html page like:

    '_label -> "My MultiSelect"          

Hoping this help you! (note that I'm using Play for Scala)

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You can create a template like the following :

@(field: play.api.data.Field, options: Seq[(String,String)], args: (Symbol,Any)*) (implicit handler: FieldConstructor, lang: play.api.i18n.Lang)

@values = @{ field.indexes.map { v => field("[" + v + "]").value } }

@input(field, args:_*) { (id, name, value, htmlArgs) =>
<select id="@id" name="@name" @toHtmlArgs(htmlArgs) multiple="multiple">
    @options.map { v =>
<option value="@v._1" @{if(values.contains(Some(v._1))) "selected" else ""}>@v._2</option>

You can find this example at play-framework discussion group

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You error is:

NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

This means that you are receiving an empty String, which can't be turned into a number. Better mark the field in the Form as optional if it's possible to not get a value in that field.

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Please see my example below play 2.2

The options for the multi-select dropdown are in the data HashMap

@(data:HashMap[String, HashMap[String,String]])
@import helper._

@select(field = myform("options"), options = data.get("options").toSeq, 
'_label -> "My Options*", '_showConstraints -> false, 'class ->"required", 
'id->"options", 'multiple->"multiple")
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