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I have a Spring validator that contains the following code.

errors.rejectValue("myFieldName", "errors.required", new Object[] { "My Field" }, "Field required");

I want to test that the errors.required message is being picked up. I haven't been able to find out how. What I have so far in jUnit is:

FieldError fieldError = errors.getFieldErrors().get(0);
assertEquals("myFieldName", fieldError.getField());
assertEquals("errors.required", fieldError.getCode());
//TODO: test that the message was picked up

Does anyone know how to grab the full message, with it's arguments, etc?

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I managed to find a solution.

Inside my jUnit test, I wire in the MessageSource.

private MessageSource messageSource;

Then I wrote a convenience method.

private String getConfiguredMessage(FieldError fieldError) {
    return messageSource.getMessage(fieldError.getCode(), 

Using this method, I can find out what the configured message will be.

assertEquals("My Field is required.", getConfiguredMessage(fieldError));

Although this solution doesn't truly "get" the message from the error, it serves it's purpose.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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