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I installed rvm 1.9.3 and now whenever I switch to a directory containing a .rvmrc, I get a perl error message:

~/example$ cd .. && cd example

perl version 5.12.3 can't run /usr/bin/shasum.  Try the alternative(s):

/usr/bin/shasum5.10.0 (uses perl 5.10.0)

Run "man perl" for more information about multiple version support in
Mac OS X.
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I think I figured out the cause, but I have no idea what the solution is. In OSX, /usr/bin/perl is a wrapper that calls either perl5.12 or perl5.10. In turn, those guys call the appropriate shasum (shasum5.12 or shasum5.10). I managed to break my installation by trying to upgrade my perl to 5.16. Bad Me! Searching the internet, I see lots of descriptions of this same problem, but no solution. Maybe if you had your OSX original media you could restore /usr/bin/perl. If you don't, you're out of luck. –  BryanH Sep 7 '12 at 1:12

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You may try this dirty approach. This approach will skip those check and directly use shasum in your binary directory

$ cd /usr/bin
$ ls shasum*
  shasum shasum5.10.0
$ mv /usr/bin/shasum /usr/bin/your_backup_shasum
$ ln -s shasum5.10.0 shasum 
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