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I am creating a base architecture for a gaming system. I need it to be message-base for scaling and failover. It also uses sockets for publisher/subscriber notification of messages. My challenge is: should I go with what I have or use a full-blown ESB like nServiceBus or MassTransit?

Here is what I have so far, it's a bit complicated. First of all, it is a poker system.

  1. Clients connect to a socket to receive messages. The messages are then dispatched to one or more local table queues. (There of course can be more than one client).

  2. Card dealer clients, running on the back end, also connect via a different socket. (There can be more than one dealer).

  3. Robotic clients, running on the back end, also connect via a different socket. (There can be more than one robotic client).

  4. Each client and dealer creates a 'subscriber' record in the database. This indicates what their IP is, and ultimately what tables they are connected to.


Different clients can connect to different sockets, but be subscribed to the same table. Therefore, any messages directed to one table may possibly be handled by more than one socket in order to ensure that the message goes out on a per-table basis.

How I accomplish this is I have a Message table and a ControllerMessage table. The ControllerMessage table keeps track of all the messages handled by a particular Controller. I use a simple LEFT OUTER JOIN to determine messages needing to be sent by a particular Controller.

The system works great. Failover is very fast and efficient since asynchronous sockets are immediately notified when the other party disconnects or goes down unexpectedly.

But... Is there a btter way than building my own ESB? I am even doing some things a message enrichment and adaptation, which an ESB could provide; although I would have to create code or XSLT schemas.

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Well, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Most of the features mentioned above, are supported in most ESBs. Here is a complete use cases where pub-sub is implemented using WSO2 ESB[1].

FYI : WSO2 ESB is a 100% Open Source ESB with Apache 2.0 license.

[1] http://wso2.org/library/articles/2011/12/wso2-esb-example-pubsub-soa

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I will consider using an ESB, but this is a java-based ESB. I know there are several .NET ESBs out there. – NickV May 17 '12 at 17:19

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