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Im trying to get SendKeysCtypes working on py2.7 and win7 64bit. Here is src


Run and nothing happens. Tests should open notepad and write some text.

The problem code is this:

def GetInput(self):
    "Build the INPUT structure for the action"
    actions = 1
    # if both up and down
    if self.up and self.down:
        actions = 2

    inputs = (INPUT * actions)()

    vk, scan, flags = self._get_key_info()

    for inp in inputs:
        inp.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD = vk = scan |= flags

    # if we are releasing - then let it up
    if self.up:
        inputs[-1] |= KEYEVENTF_KEYUP

    return inputs

def Run(self):
    "Execute the action"
    inputs = self.GetInput()
    return SendInput(

SendInput() in above code does nothing.

Other tests

And here we are stuck because my windows programming is very limited, can anyone shed some light on this?


  • Following the "64bit is problem" trace, lead me to this SO question, will see if I can convert it.
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