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I am making my url like this /project/show/1. As you can see 1 is ID.

Will it make any difference if I will add project name after hash tag like this /project/show/1#New Project or it won't make any difference for seo?

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Have in mind that Search engine spiders take into account the complexity of the url - the simplest the better, as it is supposed to be user friendly. That is why MVC 3 (.NET) for example is by default SEO friendly (or at least it is much easier to make it compared to classic ASP.NET).

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Well, yea. However if in MVC3 you will have /user/32 vs. /user/natalia will it make any difference? –  Steve May 9 '12 at 11:36
Meaningful words > numbers :). Generally search engines will search for key words in your url; natalia, beer, etc. are well known words and therefore they can be considered as keywords, while 32 can be anything but for sure is not a keyword (unless you are searching for a 32 bit OS, but that is very specific and almost certainly is not related to Natalia with ID=32). –  Unknown May 9 '12 at 13:58

Search engine spiders generally ignore hash fragments.

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