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Do we have any Rich Textbox/Textarea options in MVC3 or do we need to use jquery RichTextbox plugins?

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ASP.NET MVC has nothing to do with Rich TextArea. You will need JavaScript/jQuery for it. I would recommend using jHtmlArea

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+1 for the link to jHTMLArea. I was looking for an HTML editor for my MVC application that gave client side API for programmatic control on the client side. –  Moiz Tankiwala Nov 30 '13 at 13:19

You need to use plugins. ASP.NET MVC is a server side framework which allow you to spit HTML. And in HTML you have the <textarea> tag. That's where the ASP.NET MVC framework role ends. If you want to make something more out of this textarea tag you need client scripting => so go ahead and pick your favorite WYSIWYG editor. There are lots of them.

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