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I'm trying to export the image gallery field called "gallery", which ideally should have a comma separated list of images in the gallery. This field is standard field in magento.

The field is always blank when I export out of the Magento admin site. It works great on one of my sites, but 2 others are completely blank.

The only difference between the site that works and the other sites is that there are two stores on the site that works.

I checked the database and noticed there were some missing records in "catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value" so I added these based on the records in catalog_product_entity_media_gallery. After doing that, still nothing is exports in this field.

Is there anything special that is needed to get this field to export?

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I have "Use Flat Category" disabled, but it appears that there is a NULL value in the "gallery" field. I tried dropping the column, but it was re-created with NULL values again. It should be noted on the site that works, there is no gallery field in product_flat_index. Also found this:… which seems to be solution, but doesn't work. – Brian May 8 '12 at 19:35

Problem solved. It turns out that the custom export module wasn't enabled.

(4 hours of my life i won't get back.)

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