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My development team is 4 strong. We have upwards of 30 different software applications to manage and enhance, the list of applications increases every quarter. At many given times, we have the need to work on several projects for several clients at once.

We are attempting to embrace Agile development, but we have run into a couple of obstacles.

  1. We are a team spread out across the country, and traditional white board and stickies is not an option.

  2. We use Jira heavily and have a lot invested into the design of the workflows and schema. We would prefer to not leave it behind.

  3. We have yet to find a good Agile tool to manage multiple projects at once. Agile software tools only manage one project at a time.

I did find that Greenhopper does allow you do Kanban on a rapid board. This is the closest thing I've seen yet for a muilti-project Agile approach.

Can anyone point me in the direction of an Agile software tool (Scrum or Kanban) that will allow you to manage more than one project on a single board while integrating with Jira? We need to see what is in front of us regardless of what project.

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Honestly at the time being, if you invested a lot in Jira, and if you happen to use Atlassian tools for versionning, i would advise to resort to JQL to dispatch a master-scrum (epics) with a "dev" column, to multiple scrum boards (project + story) focused, where a story enters a specific board when it reaches "production" in the master board. JQL is hacky, but there's not much you can't do with it – Peter Host Oct 23 '12 at 11:18
I found this article/book an outstanding read: – Paul Dec 28 '12 at 18:56

Agile is a state of being; a series of principles, not a process.

  1. Co-located teams make communication and reaction to change easier, but they are no obstical. Find a process and tools that allow you to communicate effectively and respond to demands.

  2. Feel free to use Jira. Some tools are more prescriptive than others. Pivotal Tracker is nice, is nice, AgileZen is nice, Trello is nice. Find one that is "lean" for your needs.

  3. Same as 2.

The key is look in the Agile/Scrum mirror honestly and be willing to adapt with vengeance.

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Can I say at the outset that there's a big difference between 'agile' and 'scrum'. The former is an approach to software development that embodies ideas like XP, TDD, Pair Programming etc. Scrum is a framework for managing complex product development (ideally, but not exclusively, suited to software).

I'm going to talk about Scrum now because I think you're looking for help on managing your environment.

So, firstly, When you say that you're a team size of four, does that mean just the dev team or does it include a scrum master and product owner? If it's the latter, I'd suggest the team is too small to get the best out of Scrum. The fact that you're not co-located adds an extra level of complexity too so I'm not sure that Scrum is the right way for you to go.

In my experience, you've already found one of the best tools for managing scrum / agile on Jira (ie: GreenHopper). However, you mention that you have processes and workflows in place in Jira that you'd prefer not to give up and that also would be a block to a successful Scrum implementation.

I'd suggest that implementing some agile ideas within processes and workflows that you already have may be your best idea (ie: TDD etc). You can borrow some ideas from Scrum that would certainly help, like the daily scrum, but I'd suggest you refrain from trying to do a full scrum implementation.

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