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I have a class, which extends PropertyDescriptor and it shall open a small dialog for value input.
It works so far, the dialog is shown and I can enter all values. But the system doesn't show, that the file was edited.

The dialog is a copy of the InputDialog.

I have tried to use methods like fireApplyEditorValue, fireEditorValueChanged and valueChanged. But it makes no difference.
I have checked the listeners, which can found in the fire methods and they are the same listeners, which are used by the TextCellEditor.

I can't figure out, what I have missed.

Thanks for any advices.

Here is my createPropertyEditor method:

public CellEditor createPropertyEditor(Composite parent) {
    CellEditor editor = new DialogCellEditor(parent) {
        protected Object openDialogBox(Control cellEditorWindow) {
            SimpleDialog dialog = new SimpleDialog(cellEditorWindow.getShell(), (SomeValue) doGetValue());
            return dialog.getValue();
    if (getValidator() != null)
    return editor;
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I found my mistake.
I have to overwrite the method equals in my class SomeValue.

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