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I've got the cloud9 IDE up and running on my ubuntu box with the latest code from github today, and node.js 0.6.17. It seems that I can view it fine on localhost:3131 or, but if I try to view it with the machine's actual IP address, either from a different machine or even on the same machine, I get a "not found" error. Is there any way to get this to work across a network?

(I read that there is a "-l" command-line argument that would let you do this, but for now it doesn't seem to have an effect. Was this feature removed? When and why?)

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The -l command indeed has been removed, but only temporary. You can workaround this by patching configs\default.js. There are some references to localhost there. Probably changing all instances of localhost into would let the app listen on any host.

edit: Has been fixed

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