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I Need a working example of a cascading drop down list box written in vb.net for my ASP.Net MVC application. I tried converting three examples written in C# but can't seem to figure it out and I have given up.

The examples I have tried to convert are found here and here.

This is my first .net application so I'm a newbie. The biggest problem I'm having is just don't understand the java script code in the views.

Thanks, John

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I figured it out. In my view, I didn't match up my html select id with of the necessary string in the JavaScript...JavaScript is all Greek to me. Anyway, if anyone wants to see my solution go here... cid-8f76d4da14a1b98a.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/MVC/… –  John Marsing Jun 30 '09 at 0:57

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Is there something specific about the jQuery that you're having trouble with?

Why do you want to convert from C# to VB? You'll have a much easier time with the thousands of examples if you take the time to practice C# syntax. (The differences aren't that big at your level.)


The jQuery examples listed in the links you mentioned are pretty straightforward.

  1. Page contains a dropdown list of CarModels.
  2. Upon changing that dropdown, onChange event is handled via jQuery.
  3. jQuery uses its $.ajax method to post to another Controller method (i.e. /cars/colors/list?model=ValueOfCarModels.
  4. The controller method prepares a list of CarColors, and sends it back via a JsonResult that the $.ajax method consumes in it's callback function.
  5. The callback function populates then shows another dropdown by iterating over the array of CarColors.

Which step above isn't working?

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Ver 1 of my project is done except for this final piece so re-writing it would be out of the question. I feel comfortable using VB.Net so I should be able to write an application in that language. At the risk of getting into a language war, if "the differences aren't that big" then converting examples c# examples to vb also shouldn't be that big. I think my real problem is JQuery/JSON/AJAX/Javascript ignorance. thanks –  John Marsing Jun 26 '09 at 18:32

The first link you have looks pretty nice.

Even if you dont know C# you could download the project and use Firebug to step into the Javascript.

There is so little code in the controller that I am pretty shure you can write it in VB once you debugged through the Javascript.

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